Supernatural Trading Cards Seasons 4-6

Key Features

Release Date: 03.02.2016

The Winchester brothers continue to follow their father's footsteps as "hunters" fighting evil supernatural beings of many kinds. 

The thrilling and terrifying journey of the Winchester brothers is now collectible and fans can gather authentic Autograph cards and Wardrobe cards featuring production-used costumes from the show.


Product Details

Packs: 5 cards per pack, 24 packs per box

Base Set: 72-card base set featuring episodic images from seasons 4 through 6

Chase Set:

Character Bios (1:4 packs)

Disguises (1:4)

Notable Locations (1:4)


Autograph cards (1:14 packs)

Wardrobe cards (1:24)

Dual Wardrobe cards (1:288)

Binder: 3-ring binder contains a random autograph card card

Autograph Signers:
Emily Perkins as Becky Rosen
Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer
Jake Abel as Adam Milligan
Matt Cohen as Young John Winchester
Rob Benedict as Chuck Shurley
Julian Richings as Death
Lanette Ware as Raphael II
Carrie Anne Fleming as Karen Singer
Julia Maxwell as Eve
Brock Kelly as Young Dean Winchester
Genevieve Cortese Padalecki as Ruby II
Julie McNiven as Anna
Kim Johnston Ulrich as Doctor Eleanor Visyak
Lindsey McKeon as Tessa
Sebastian Roché as Balthazar
Mark Rolston as Alastair I
Mitch Pileggi as Samuel Campbell
Fredric Lehne as Azazel
Katherine Boecher as Lilith
Kurt Fuller as Zachariah
Rachel Miner as Meg
Nicholas Elia as Ben Braeden
Mark Sheppard as Crowley
Christopher Heyerdahl as Alastair II
Jessica Heafey as Gwen Campbell
Rick Worthy as Alpha Vampire
Amy Gumenick as Young Mary Winchester
Richard Speight, Jr. as Gabriel / The Trickster
Demore Barnes as Raphael I
Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Jody Mills


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